The Truth About Creep Catchers has one, simple, goal; to put an end to Social Media Shaming and Vigilanteism as a means to “Catch” online predators.

Started by Social Media Educator, Sean Smith, the effort began with a Facebook Page that focused on the flawed methodology of the Creep Catchers operations across Canada. As the Facebook Page became more recognized, stories of those falsely accused by Creep Catcher organizations, stories of reputations, families and businesses being damaged by the actions of CC members / supporters and even a suicide as a result of a catch / video, started to come flooding into the inbox of the Page.

With assistance from a University Professor of Law, a Digital Forensics Specialist and a group of people dedicated to seeing the end of this growing group of 21st Century Vigilantes, this page will be dedicated to supplying the information, data, stories and media that counters the Creep Catchers narrative and claims that they are “helping protect children”.