How do you define contempt?

Here are some recent quotes from the leader of the Surrey Creep Catchers (SCC), following the order from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia, regarding the requirement to destroy all material relating to 2 complainants that were former ‘catches’ of the SCC;

“Dipshit Commissioner… Fucking idiot.  You ain’t shit…”  

“Drew Mcskinner [referring to Privacy Commissioner Drew McArthur] can throw his weight around all he wants…… He’s just a small fry trying to super size his shit. Buddy your [sic] a mcnugget. You have no power over me…”

“My name is Ryan Laforge and the OIPC CAN SUCK IT”

That Ryan LaForge would not obey an order from the Privacy Commissioner was a foregone conclusion.  The question was really whether he would do it loudly and belligerently enough to attract the attention of the Attorney General of British Columbia.  Because the AG can ask the Supreme Court for an order that he (LaForge) and the other members of the SCC obey the Privacy Commissioner’s order, and more generally, that they obey the PIPA law.  And if they don’t, it is criminal contempt, not civil.  So his own words might have changed his prospects from a hefty fine somewhere down the road (which of course he’d also ignore) to the possibility of incarceration, which could happen within a matter of days, once the AG decides to act.

So in the coming week or so, look for news that the Attorney General’s patience with Mr.LaForge’s little tantrum has ended, and he’s heading for a little ‘quiet time’ in his ‘thinking corner’.

If you want to encourage the Attorney General to act, drop him a note at

Me? I’m making popcorn, because this will be very interesting, indeed.

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  1. Laforge has to be stopped in his tracks, as does the people who are backing him up. His cavalier, reckless and insulting stance for the laws that protect our citizens and country, must be upheld. The Privacy Commissioner’s ruling was fair and just and should be adhered to. I have followed the Creep Catcher “movement” for at least a year and am familiar with their tactics, videos and incensed followers who are also a danger to communities. I feel that people’s human rights are being compromised, which also includes the families of the “shamed”.

  2. We Don’t Sleep…
    Ryan ain’t gonna stop.. Ya’ll just firing him up…. And for that I thank you and to all the pedophiles you’re protecting… It’s just real bad karma!!..
    I know that there are laws…. But there are also morals… And when it comes to 65 year old men trying to have sex with a 12 year old…. That’s when morals will out weigh the law…

  3. I believe that society needs help with this sort of garbage on the street (the creeps they catch and expose for what they are).However, the ‘creep catchers’ do not help their cause by becoming verbally abusive-that does turn off a lot of your supporters. I applaud creep catchers’ motives, it is the childish, bullying tactics and swearing that makes me wonder if some of them are just not into bullying and it could be any group they are ‘against’. Having said that, I still support what they are doing-just be very careful that not to target someone that is NOT a ped just because you don’t like him/her-it could ruin their life. Cut the swearing and swaggering-exposing these ‘would be goofs’ is enough-do not lower yourself to their level-as my Mom would have said! Keep busting the creeps, but don’t become another sort of ‘creep’ in the process.

  4. I think you all are morons supporting a stop to protecting kids from online predators. The more assholes these guys take out the better. So what?! Someone kills themself cause they made a horrible choice they can’t live with? Oh well. How about the child who kills herself/himself because he/she was taken advantage of by a predator?

    You people are what slows down the processes of making things how they should be. Shame on you for supporting predators rights and I think you all need a wake up call starting something like this for your own 15 min of fame. Cause that’s all the time I’m putting into reading about you and I will not support your quest to shut down creep catchers. I think you’re all making a big mistake and really?! Your going to make popcorn and see how unfolds? Yah, and how did that go for ya. I’m pretty sure Ryan’s still out there catching. Sounds like you got a flop of a movie you watched cause the good guy won.

    I have 2 daughters and I appreciate what this guy is doing and I condem you for what your doing. Your a piece of shit.

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