How do you define contempt?

Here are some recent quotes from the leader of the Surrey Creep Catchers (SCC), following the order from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia, regarding the requirement to destroy all material relating to 2 complainants that were former ‘catches’ of the SCC;

“Dipshit Commissioner… Fucking idiot.  You ain’t shit…”  

“Drew Mcskinner [referring to Privacy Commissioner Drew McArthur] can throw his weight around all he wants…… He’s just a small fry trying to super size his shit. Buddy your [sic] a mcnugget. You have no power over me…”

“My name is Ryan Laforge and the OIPC CAN SUCK IT”

That Ryan LaForge would not obey an order from the Privacy Commissioner was a foregone conclusion.  The question was really whether he would do it loudly and belligerently enough to attract the attention of the Attorney General of British Columbia.  Because the AG can ask the Supreme Court for an order that he (LaForge) and the other members of the SCC obey the Privacy Commissioner’s order, and more generally, that they obey the PIPA law.  And if they don’t, it is criminal contempt, not civil.  So his own words might have changed his prospects from a hefty fine somewhere down the road (which of course he’d also ignore) to the possibility of incarceration, which could happen within a matter of days, once the AG decides to act.

So in the coming week or so, look for news that the Attorney General’s patience with Mr.LaForge’s little tantrum has ended, and he’s heading for a little ‘quiet time’ in his ‘thinking corner’.

If you want to encourage the Attorney General to act, drop him a note at

Me? I’m making popcorn, because this will be very interesting, indeed.