CBC Investigation – March 2017

Creep Busters ambush of man with mental disability called ‘vigilantism’

CTV News W5 – February  2017

W5’s ‘Creep Out’: Are online pedophile hunters ‘catching’ the innocent?

CTV News Vancouver – November  2016

Creep Catchers crossed ‘many lines’ targeting man with disabilities: advocate

CTV News Vancouver – 2016

Surrey Creep Catchers sting goes awry

CTV News Vancouver – October 2016

Surrey Creep Catchers apologizes for sharing innocent man’s photo

CTV Vancouver Island – October 2016

Toronto Man Travels to Campbell River to Confront Alleged Sexual Predator

CTV Atlantic – April 2016

Creep Catchers in Halifax

Global BC – October 2016

Global BC – October 2016

Man falsely accused in Surrey Creep Catchers video received death threats

Global Alberta – September 2016

Former Creep Catchers member condemns group after woman in video commits suicide

Global Kelowna – August 2016

CBC News British Columbia – September 2016

Creep Catchers: ‘Justice as entertainment’ means never having to say you’re sorry

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